I'm not sure what compelled me to start drawing again, but after spending years without so much as picking up a pencil (a real pencil that is, not the #2 nonsense you use for writing) I opened up my sketchbook and went at it. As I expected, time had substantially degraded my abilities, but I was still able to form basic shapes. With that in mind I decided to attempt a simple line drawing.

The tools for the job were a Sanford 3B pencil for laying down the initial outline, a General's 6B charcoal pencil for the final outline, and a Sanford Magic Rub eraser for cleaning it all up. I decided to use charcoal instead of a more sane medium like ink because I wanted to create a smooth gradient for the character's iris.

Despite my lack of practice and odd choice of medium I'm happy with the result. Just try to ignore the part where I took a picture of it with my phone because I don't own a scanner.

Sameji from FLCL